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There are 5311 works of art in this category


Steen, Jan. 1625 or 1626-1679

Landscape with a Shepherds and a Flock

Teniers, David II. 1610-1690

Banditti at Rest

Magnasco, Alessandro (Lissandrino); Spera, Clemente

Portrait of Count Vladimir Fyodorovich Adlerberg

Icon: Archangel Gabriel

Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice

Canal, Giovanni Antonio (Canaletto). 1697-1768

"Ship Amid the Stormy Sea"

In a Tropical Forest. Struggle between Tiger and Bull

Rousseau, Henri. 1844-1910

Before a Mosque (Cairo)

Decamps, Alexandre-Gabriel. 1803-1860

Portrait of an Unknown Man (Henri III de Valois, the Duke of Anjou ?)

Portrait of Ivan A. (Johann Georg) von Lieven (1775-1848)

George Dawe and his workshop

Jupiter and Io

Sustris, Lambert, circa 1520-after 1591

Icon: St John the Divine with Scenes from His Life

Eumenos and Roxana

Padovanino (Alessandro Varotari). 1588-1648

Icon: St Gregory Thaumaturgus

Portrait of a Lady and her Daughter (Portrait of Anya and Lanya)

Laszlo, Fulop. 1869-1937


There are 3105 works of art in this category

View of Mount Merdven

Kuegelgen, Carl Ferdinand von. 1772-1832

Sketch of the Installation

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Quarenghi, Giacomo. 1744-1817

Landscape with a Wooden Footbridge

Ruisdael, Jacob Isaaksz van. 1628 or 1629-1682

Venus on a Chariot

Piazzetta, Giovanni Battista. 1682-1754

Baptism of Christ

Bourdon, Sebastien. 1616-1671

Composition with the Statue of One of the Dioscuri

Thomas de Thomon, Jean Francois. 1760-1813


Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Field-Officer of the Life-Guards Dragoon Regiment

Miniature: Portrait of Konstantin Fyodorovich Opochinin

Madonna and Child, a Saint and an Angel

Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista. 1696-1770

Karaite Cemetery at Chufut-Kale

Kuegelgen, Carl Ferdinand von. 1772-1832


Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Portrait of an Ecclesiastic

Mellan, Claude. 1598-1688

Study of a Small Dog

Greuze, Jean-Baptiste. 1725-1805

Landscape with Trees and Bushes



There are 178 works of art in this category

The Battle between Nader Shah and the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah

Youth with a Cup

Portrait of Charles X Gustav (1622-1660), King of Sweden

Unknown artist

Portrait of a Man

Unknown artist

Miniature: St Peter

Unknown artist

Portrait of Grand Princess Alexandra Fyodorovna

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Monkey Riding a Bear

Portrait of Adolf Frederick I, King of Sweden (1710-1771)

Unknown artist

Portrait of Youth with a Branch of Blossoming Chrysanthemum

Portrait of Johan III Vasa, King of Sweden (1537-1592)

Unknown artist

Portrait of Napoleon I

Isabey, Jean-Baptiste. 1767-1855

Youth Playing with a Cheetah

Bird Perching on a Blossoming Branch

Miniature: Portrait of Count Alexander Sergeyevich Stroganov

Evreinov, Dmitry. 1742(?)-1814

Miniature: Portrait of Empress Catherine II

Unknown artist

Warrior and an Emaciated Horse


There are 3007 works of art in this category

Portrait of Karl Schilder

Transverse Section of the Stock Exchange Building from Stylobate to the Garret Floor

Fountain on the Farnese Square

Falda, Giovanni Battista. 1643-1678

Portrait of the Poet Prince Piotr Vyazemsky

Portrait of Jung-Stilling


Picasso, Pablo. 1881-1973

Tragic Death of Pepe Illo in the Arena in Madrid

Anonymous printmaker

Christ in Emmaus: The Larger Plate. B.87

View of the Kremlin from the Moskva River

Sablin, Nikolay. 1730-1808

They Have Flown Up

Goya y Lucientes, Francisco José de. 1746-1828

Bring down the curtain, the farce is played out. From 'La Caricature' of 11 September 1834

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Near the Nikolsky Market

Beggrov, Karl. 1799-1875

"Portrait of Architect Alexander Kokorinov, Rector of the Academy of Arts"

Seriakov, Lavrenty. 1824-1881

View of the Library and Campanile (Bell-Tower) from the Palazzo Ducale (Doges' Palace)

Visentini, Antonio. 1688-1782

Kiss (Pierrot and Columbine)

Willette, Adolphe Leon. 1857-1926

Sheet 18: Taraoka Heyemon Nobuyuki